FAA # IOVR072L | EASA # 4563 | ISO 9001:2008 Certified


Flight Guidance Controllers | Advisory Display Repair | Air Data Computers

1990: Analog Systems (Autopilot Computers / Gyros / Indicators)

During this time period INAir was servicing Analog Systems with units such as Pitch Channel Computers, Roll Channel Computers, Gyros, Mechanical Air Data Computer, Attitude Director Indicators, Horizontal Situation Indicators, Barometric Altitude Indicators and much more.

2004: Digital Systems (Display Units / Digital Air Data Computers / Controllers)

INAir starts repair service on newer technology of Digital Systems with units such as Digital Air Data Computers, Flight Guidance Controllers, Servo Drives, Symbol Generators, CRT Display Units, Advisory Displays, AHRS Controllers, Altitude Preselect Controllers, Air Speed Indicators, Instrument Remote Controllers, Radio Altitude Indicators, GPWS Computers and many more.

2013: Electronic Systems (Display Units / DU-870)

INAir moves into the next generation of Electronic Systems in larger used CRT Display Units; such as DU-870 Display Units and Primus 1000 System Units. INAir is working on additional Reverse Engineering / DER Approved Parts for current product lines supported.

April 2013: INAir Acquisition

INAir Aviation Services Inc. announced that it was acquired by RPS Holdings Inc., an Aerospace and Defense focused group of companies based in Los Osos, California.The acquisition has strengthened INAir’s position by accelerating the expansion of its MRO services for aviation displays and avionics users. RPS Holding’s subsidiary Rantec Power Systems provides engineering and manufacturing support for RS-DER Repair/Process Specs. and PMA parts for the INAir’s MRO Services. Customer benefits include: shorter lead times, superior service, competitive pricing and improved product reliability.