FAA # IOVR072L | EASA # 4563 | ISO 9001:2008 Certified


Electronic Displays, EFIS, Advisory Displays & More

Over the past 20 years, INAir has built a reputation as a global leader for CRT Display Unit Repairs. We offer a comprehensive repair and overhaul service that includes new OEM CRT tubes and high voltage power supplies, the two most common failure items within the display unit.

INAir supports multiple aircraft platforms from Regional, Turbo Prop, Helicopter, Commercial, Cargo, Business, General Aviation and Military. INAir currently supports several airlines, military customers and several other service companies that supply service parts for airlines.


Electronic Displays:
  • DU-870   (Part # 7014300-901, 7014300-902)
  • ED-800   (Part # 7003110-9xx)
  • ED-600   (Part # 7003430-9xx)
  • ID-800   (Part # 7003652-6xx)
  • MD-80   (Part # 4056510-903)
INAIR Solutions:
  • Strategic Alliances – OEM & Part Suppliers
  • INAir Supplied Parts – Process Spec, Repair Spec, and PMA
  • Alterative Parts – Fit, Form and Function
  • 2 Year Warranty Program – CRT and HVPS
  • Circuit Card Repairs – Helps Avoid Costly Replacements
  • Projected CRT Repair Support Through The Year 2025
  • Saves customers hundreds of thousands to millions of dollars, by avoiding expensive cockpit upgrades
  • INAir utilizes strategic channel partners for CRTs and High Voltage Power Supplies
  • A “Top of the Line” reliable product
  • INAir Exclusive Agreement for Color CRTs
  • Close relationship with Manufacturers to insure top quality product each & every time
  • INAir provides additional testing per DO-160 type environmental testing protocols
  • Approved Process Spec. meeting compliance of the original CRT; fit, form and function
  • Approved Repair Spec. meeting compliance of the original HVPS; fit, form and function
  • Always trying to achieve additional cost saving measures to give to the customer
  • Meets all ISO 9001:2008, FAA, EASA, OEM and Airline Specifications
  • Fast Turn Times – INAir has large stock of parts available and a constant income blanket shipments