FAA # IOVR072L | EASA # 4563 | ISO 9001:2008 Certified


Indicators, Controllers & More

INAir offers repair solutions for Horizontal Situation Indicators, Attitude Director Indicators, Flight Guidance Controllers and much more. INAir offers service on Honeywell, Sperry, Bendix, Collins and Ametek and much more.

In-service support of older instrumentation is our specialty. This focus allows us to continually expand our capability in this area. We are confident that we can provide the highest quality repair and overhaul service for these legacy instruments in the industry.


Flight Guidance Controllers:

GC-801   (Part # 7003975-xxx)

Symbol Generators:

SG-811   (Part # 7004544-9xx)

Servo Drives:

SM-300   (Part # 7002260-xxx)

Display Controllers:

DC-810   (Part # 7005819-xxx)

AHRS Controllers:

AC-801   (Part # 7004545-9xx)

Wx Radar Controllers:

WC-810   (Part # 7006921-xxx)